Should the us enact a mandatory universal motorcycle helmet law

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A Harborview Medical Center study discovered that the percentage of motorcyclists who relied on public funding for medical treatment In alone, an estimated motorcycle-related fatalities were prevented by helmet use and more lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets [ 4 ]. Lawrence — a. Chad Simon, Email: ude. They argue that education, not legislation is the key factor in creating a safe environment for motorcyclists. The proportion of crashes or fatalities involving riders wearing helmets is also sometimes used to measure effectiveness. To some degree, we already engage in this type of behavior in health care. Whatever the reason, at the very least, partial coverage laws are not as effective as universal coverage and may not be effective at all.

The History and Current Legal Landscape of Helmet Laws Beginning inthe federal government began encouraging states to pass motorcycle helmet laws by making a federal safety program and state highway construction funds contingent on states enacting those laws.

The inevitable controversy surrounding the legislation will help to publicize the new law extensively.

motorcycle helmet laws by state

Motorcycle crashes are a major public health concern which place economic stress on the healthcare system. The percent of fatal motorcycle accidents averaged 3. Accessed August 20, Motorcycle helmets and rider safety: A legislative crisis.

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If you wear a helmet you're always covered literally and figurativelybut if you like to feel the wind in your hair it's hard to know where you can and can't do it legally. Rodriguez was experiencing that very human cognitive shortcoming known as confirmation biaswherein we hairless apes tend to notice and remember occurrences that fit in with our preconceived beliefs and to be less attuned to and forget occurrences that would tend to falsify those beliefs.

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They agree that younger riders may lack the needed maturity to make an proper decision about helmet use. Those states with partial and no helmet laws had significantly higher mortality than those with universal helmet laws.

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The Helmet Law Debate