Shuttle service business plans

business plan for transport and logistics

There are certain things that all businesses have to do get off the ground, but then there are things that are specific to the type of business being launched.

Business permits are required for a business to legally operate. Brochure Our brochure will contain all of the operational information needed for our customers. Tips A website is not required, but can be helpful if it professionally showcases the business. Apply for all required state and local licenses and permits and choose a business entity status.

Our vehicles are inspected and regularly maintained to ensure reliability. All drivers will be issued a company identification card. Organize your Shuttle Business Select a business structure with an accountant familiar with transportation businesses.

Make a Marketing Plan Market your shuttle business regionally. In regard to the business customers, it is generally accepted practice for the company to provide the transportation for their employees.

PATS provides limousine like service without the typical high limousine price.

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How to Start a Shuttle Service Business