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Pinterest 0 An MBA can be highly demanding as the coursework can get hectic, exams can be strenuous, and trying to combine an education with a personal life can sometimes take its toll, hardly leaving the vigour or time to pursue an MBA internship.

In fact, those students who were one standard deviation above the mean in total years of work experience benefited from a 4 percent increase in starting salary. Wharton would not only help me learn how to connect with consumers, it would develop me into a strong brand manager who could lead multi-national businesses.

Specific areas of study or concentration within an MBA are not considered important. The length of the internship can vary, with some shorter than others.

Other MBA internship highlights include networking opportunities, career development panels, a VP speaker series and an intern video contest.

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Self- Exploration Despite the fact that many students enroll for a MBA programme after working in the industry for a while, most are confused while deciding on their specialization. It is pretty easy to tell if you spent a little time looking into why the school is the right fit, how you can leverage its resources, and how it will transform you as a business leader. Opportunities for advancement: Summer associates may be offered a full-time position based on their performance. Therefore, make sure you are working in the department of your choice and you get a substantial opportunity to work, or at least watch others work, in different departments. The candidates who apply those but go a step further, providing creative options and solutions for real world scenarios, and who are both personable yet professional are the ones who get the offers. The situation varies from university to university. We cover them all through our extensive analysis.

Knowing what one doesn't want, is an equally important aspect of self-exploration too. Internship experience: Boston Consulting Group BCG interns spend the summer working alongside BCG consultants, yet take ownership of specific components of a client project.

As any MBA student or top business school will confirm, a summer internship is a critical step in the process of enhancing your credentials, and landing a full time job. Skills sought include critical thinking, project management, interpersonal, organizational and analytic skills.

Building and nurturing networks is one key skill for any working individual.

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This tip is important for editing as well. Many a times we get students coming back after an internship and saying they are confident that this is 'not' what they want to do!

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Summer MBA Internships: An Important Career Stepping Stone