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Let us not forget that part of the story.

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I think in matters of creativity, bad interpretations, bad performances should be judged by the audience who buy tickets for the performances or buy the records and the CDs. And yet even though the West may think she is, I am not for thrusting off Western civilization and becoming segregated in our independence.

The general opinion of the majority of the present-day nationalists in India is that we have come to a final completeness in our social and spiritual ideals, the task of the constructive work of society having been done several thousand years before we were born, and that now we are free to employ all our activities in the political direction.

With all its heart it cannot bear to see its hunting-grounds converted into cultivated fields. But in the economic world our appetites follow no other restrictions but those of supply and demand which can be artificially fostered, affording individuals opportunities for indulgence in an endless feast of grossness.

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And I suspect this is because they were both open to the native genius of what you might call Indian interpreters of the world as it lived in the hearts of people. I think he was serious in his quest for a spiritual position as well as a political position which will be mutually potentiating and uphold the concept of ethics in politics which you would not find in contemporary cultures or politics.

Again, such an example demonstrates that he took the best from all over the continent—the art forms, the music—for educating the masses for the new generation as preparatory tools.

The people who are lacking in this higher moral power and who therefore cannot combine in fellowship with one another must perish or live in a state of degradation.

That has been its traditional cultural strength.

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You have used violent methods to keep aloof from other races, but until you have solved the question here in America, you have no right to question India.

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Nationalism by Rabindranath Tagore