Technological requirements for e-business plan

Technological requirements for e-business plan

Here are six things your business must have in the beginning in order to be successful. You have an accountant for obvious reasons and a lawyer for even more obvious reasons --having a local technology consultant or solution provider is no different. All products may have a name, description, price, images, colour, quantity. What is their education level? As for the Dot-Coms, there a few spectacular successes and a large number of failures. On the good side, it isn't difficult for entrepreneurs to meet VC analysts, since they scour incubators, non-profit groups that provide small business assistance, and universities, in search of companies meeting their criteria. Blogger networks — could be organic or paid through affiliate sale programs. Website Every business must have a website. Market Stability and Disruption When a startup company is based on a technology that is disruptive, that is, less costly, more efficient, or otherwise relatively advantageous compared to an existing technology used by competitors, this presents an obvious risk to the existing companies since technical disruptions can cause businesses to fail, particularly those organizations unprepared or unwilling to change. Nearly 4, of these investor-owned firms were acquired or made a major shift in their business model to undertake new activities, some more than once.

Your trade association can help you identify vendors of such industry-specific technology, and you can typically find many sources exhibiting at industry trade shows. The two most popular web server operating systems are Linux and Windows.

Check, however, to see how compatible these industry-specific items are with common software or hardware; you'll probably want to use some off-the-shelf products. Upon ordering an item, a customer may have to create an account which could require name, address, phone number, email address etc.

Because technology is so central to running a business today, you need to plan what technology you will use and how you will use it.

Nearly every company has begun to make some changes to accommodate online activities and has found that the move is difficult and may take a significant amount of time and resources to accomplish.

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Starting An e-Business The restructuring of a business to include e-business activities, or the startup of a new e-business are unique processes that require planning. The markets for enterprise and commercial software are mature and have well-established channels that are dominated by existing firms.

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The publicity surrounding these changes left an impression that online business wasn't viable when the real problem was careless investing and faulty investment regulation. Several of these technologies including both hardware and software are explained below. When outlining your technology plan, keep in mind how your company might grow or change; try to choose technology that is flexible enough to grow and change with you. High-speed internet will enable you to take advantage of online backup, VoIP and other technologies you wouldn't be able to do at all or as efficiently with a dial-up connection. Specialized or "Off the Shelf"? Second, the plan, as any plan, is meant to be an aid to decision makers. Recently, in an respectable online magazine a writer saw six unemployed programmers and wondered why they didn't start a software company. Starting an e-business from scratch is also extremely difficult.

The use of the Internet is essential for business because it can increase efficiency and greatly lower costs by providing a free global network for data transfer.

Virtual ports allow software applications to share hardware resources without interfering with each other. Specify if you intend to buy and manage your own web servers or contract with another company. More from Entrepreneur Learn to be a better leader and develop successful marketing and branding strategies with Dr.

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But will this stable market eventually be disrupted by a new product, for example, from the Open Source movement? What is your content marketing strategy? A successful software business is not necessarily a company that sells the best software. You can also hire a website developer to do this for you. Whether this is a good strategy depends on how many more patents will be forthcoming in a particular market sector. Organizations use software and hardware technology, known as a firewall , to increase security on the Internet. Hackers can go to your website and use "back door" holes in the online software to access your database if the online application or database isn't properly configured. On the other hand to sell into a consumer market, a team familiar with consumer advertising and teaming with wholesale and retail chains is required. Patti Fletcher's help. A good place to find small-business solution providers is at Microsoft's Small Business Specialist Program www.
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What Technology Does My New Business Need?