The 140 marketing terms you must

It is required for ensuring content is of excellent quality and has the style and voice to fit a publication. Frequency Cap A cap called a frequency cap is sometimes placed as a means to limit the number of times a user will see an advertisement. Google AdWords Google AdWords is another advertising service offered through Google that lists advertisements that are most relevant to the keywords entered in a search query.

Engagement — An oft-used term in online marketing that describes interactions prospects have with a brand. Together they come up with the creative idea that answers best the creative brief.

Taxonomy Taxonomy is an approach to information management where web pages are lumped together and classified in a hierarchical structure. Open Graph An open graph is a policy used by web site developers that inserts tags to images or other content on pages, so that these web pages can be understood by various social media platforms.

Keyword Research Keyword research is an integral part of effective content writing, online marketing and SEO. The advertiser most often works with an Advertising Agency. Load Time Load time is the time that it takes for a site or page to completely show when a user visits the site.

Link Bait Link bait is content that is created with the purpose of drawing readers in to click on the link from other sites or mediums.

marketing terms 101

This was originally created by Amazon in LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social networking platform that is mainly used for professional networking. The 4 of the four building blocks of a 18 Fee agency The financial compensation paid by the advertiser to its advertising agency.

Outreach Outreach involves engaging with users, visitors and prospects by asking for their opinion.

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Online Marketing Terms You Need To Know