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Theoretical introduction Classroom management should be a uniform understanding of what is expected by every student that is in my classroom. I will discuss how these two models influence and agree with, or contradict my own behavior management beliefs.

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If we know the behaviour of our students, what do we need to do to ensure that effective classroom management is successfully acquired? If children feel safe, comfortable, welcome, can express themselves, and enjoy being in you classroom, then they are more likely to have a better learning experience.

In short, there are many theories, approaches, strategies and techniques that can be used in managing a classroom and also in getting the pupils attention. When planning some routines to start the day off with, teachers should try to start the day off with a morning routine with something that is fun and exciting for the students.

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The data proved that during transition times students are more likely to be off task and misbehave Classroom management simulation: Effectively handling transitions, Show empathy.

William Huitt, He believes that the key to classroom management is a vital interesting curriculum.

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These rules will not be used to restrict the students from expressing their own individuality, but they will serve to assist the positive flow of the classroom Philosophy of Classroom Management Ideally, classroom management should be a common understanding between the teacher and the students. It can also be implementing when the teacher praises pupils behavior. Classroom management plays an important role in the setup of a classroom. Based on these experiences, I designed a classroom management plan that I will implement in my classroom as a beginning teacher. Teachers could also have the students draw a picture of what animal they want to be for a day to go along with what they wrote You could have the students answer the question and then go back and take a pole on which animal that most students would want to be. To have an effective classroom management, I would begin the school year by dedicating some time in educating my students on the class rules, expectations, and consequences.

Share This Story. They may also be more likely to misbehave, creating further damage. This is also called as Ripple Effect by Kounins Theory.

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I have chosen these styles of management because I can identify with the reasoning behind these levels of control. Rules of the classroom: In order to create a community, it is important to include the students in the decision of classroom rules.

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She also uses the reinforcement method. A well-managed classroom did not get well-managed without a teacher who planned, had a flexible vision and was determined. Hence an effective teacher should plan an effective classroom management where teaching and learning takes place in a conducive manner. I saw these three conditions as the common thread running through all of lessons of this course. The first condition of the quality classroom is creating a quality workplace. Making up a conclusion we would…. Classroom management is a combination of four areas: seatwork, organization, withitness and assignments. Moreover, Mrs. These rules that I have come up with in my class will be stressed during the first few days of school when the school year starts, ideally. Punishment is just a way for teachers to get back at students and show them whose boss, and is usually humiliating to the student. Disruptive behaviors unswervingly hinder the ability of the teacher or the capability of a learner to benefit from their classroom experiences. Behavior, character, independence, attitudes, and academics are all learned in a classroom. Rekha praises a pupil who is well behaved in classroom and this will encourage the pupils to continue to behave appropriately. Learning always takes place in the present tense, meaning teachers must not prejudge students or hold grudges. An effective teacher will dedicate time in creating a classroom management plan in order to help maintain appropriate behaviors of the students in the classroom.
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Classroom Management Essay