The characteristics of a gifted child

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Their rapid learning ability allows them to process facts quickly and retain them for efficient recall later on. They also enjoy plays on words, such as puns, and are particularly adept at using these comic techniques themselves.

They may cry over things that other children shrug off or complain about tags in their clothes or the seams in their socks irritating their skin.

emotional characteristics of gifted students

If a gifted child discovers an error in his work he may erase until there is a hole in the paper, or crumple and destroy the work completely. They may be independent when it comes to their attitude about social behaviors, not caring what the "social norm" is.

Characteristics of gifted students checklist

These kinds of children can easily become frustrated because they have high moral expectations of themselves and others. Strong Imagination Gifted children often exhibit a strong imagination, with an ability to spin tales that parents and teachers do not necessarily expect. Cognitive Traits That Signal Giftedness Is your child very observant, extremely curious or prone to having intense interests? And if your child has an unusual or vivid imagination that sometimes lands him in hot water, consider that another sign of giftedness. Was this page helpful? Is often concerned with adapting, improving and modifying institutions, objects and systems. Search for:. The child will remember faces, colors, and details. Sloppy handwriting can be a characteristic of gifted children. What sets them apart from other children?

The characteristics of a gifted child might surprise you. They prefer to work independently instead of in groups.

50 characteristics of a gifted child

The common understanding of being gifted revolves around being bright and having high potential.

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What You Need to Know about the Characteristics of Gifted Children