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To make sure he walked right up the street again.

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He was a good man. Something that the vicar was unable to do. Maugham likes to write about the odd diversity of human characters. A new vicar from the east end was appointed in St.

He had saved a tidy sum, but not enough to live on without doing something, and life seemed to cost more every year.

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He remembered still the occasion on which the organist had got into trouble and the bother they had all had to hush things up. Foreman was also surprised to see that the two church wardens who had been with him all these while, now follow the new vicar and disagree with Foreman.

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It was the occasion of christening at St. The new vicar has come from the East End. He had never thought to be troubled with such questions. It is not the same as being self-sufficient something that Albert now is with his ten shops. Answer the following questions in one or two words. Once he got an opportunity from the vicar to learn how to read and write. Where was St. He is new to the church and to the position. Albert Edward Foreman. Why did the verger start the topic of the crying babies? He becomes a prospective business man. The people near the church were very good and those who came to the church were also a very nice class of people. Introduction of the Verger Albert Edward is a verger of a small church.

On the day of christening, what did the verger compliment the new vicar on his ability of hushing a baby from crying. Albert found the new vicar very different from the predecessor.

He walked slowly along.

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Where had the verger been in service before starting work in St. Post Views: 4, Summary Foreman had been the assistant verger to several priests who worked in St. Albert Foreman was troubled to hear about stocks and shares because he never had encountered such before and hence he did not know what to do. But he never threw away all his worn out gowns. If anything Albert Edward remains undefeated. It is not the same as being self-sufficient something that Albert now is with his ten shops. How much time is offered to the verger to learn his letters?
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