Use and throw culture essay

these days many of us prefer to throw damage

Manufacturers promote their new products rigorously and capitalize on the needs and wants of people. The unrestricted use of these has resulted in the prevalence of plastic rubbish that cannot be thoroughly degraded.

Model Answer 6: It is true that the ever increasing waste produced from human activities is taking a heavy toll on the environment. This saves people time and removes extra burden to monitor the washing machine.

nowadays we are living in a throwaway society.what are its causes and problems

You are even using specific phrases from the original prompt in your presentation, which shows a limited English vocabulary on your part and an inability to use alternate words for the presentation.

Thus, this matter will help the governments to reduce the rubbish volume in environment slowly. Finally, this throwaway culture discards the beauty of our nature and also affects the ecosystem of the environment.

Use and throw culture essay

This is one cause of the increase in the amount of garbage. What are the causes? Advertising plays a major role in creating a consumerist society and we are never contended with the things we have and want to acquire more than we need. Because of this, people often take what they have for granted. Rapid advancement of technology often forces us to buy latest products as new products have better features than the one we own. This is a degradation of human moral as a massive number of poor people are starving on one hand, million tons of foods are being wasted in few countries on the other hand. Manufacturers promote their new products rigorously and capitalize on the needs and wants of people. One main reason for the modern throwaway culture is that society is greatly affected by consumerism that encourages the mass production of short-lived goods and the consumption of those goods. For instance, these pollutants cause lung problems, respiratory problems, cancers etc. Essay topics: Nowadays a growing throw-away culture causes people to throw away their goods and replace them with new, latest technology ones available on the market. As it takes considerable long time for these to be digested by bacteria, the trend that industrial wastes are accumulating at an accelerating rate is difficult to stop. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Also, the internet has introduced a plethora of new brands into the market and people thus are having access to varieties of consumer products. People are inclined to buy new things mainly because of the irresistible advertisements. This can increase air and land pollution levels, and directly harm the lives of people living in the throwaway society.

There are a number of reasons why is this the case, and it could have many undesirable consequences. What that means is that we produce a lot, throw away a lot, and most things are planned to become obsolete within a few years.

One of the causes of the increased rubbish production is the consumptive lifestyle of society.

nowadays we are living in a throw away society what are its causes and problem

Get your writing samples corrected by me. Another reason for this compulsive urge to buy is the busy lifestyle of people. Due to radiation from mobile phones may cause blurring vision, headaches and even cancer too.

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