Write a applet program for drawing a human face

You can also paint the background yourself by filling a Rectangle with background color.

java applet program draw cartoon

The paintComponent method cannot be called directly from your code, because it requires a Graphics object as argument. They can capture mouse input and also have controls like buttons or check boxes.

This has the advantage of running a Java applet in offline mode without the need for any Internet browser software and also directly from the Integrated Development Environment IDE.

The children contained within the JComponent will also be repainted. The drawXxx methods draw the outlines; while fillXxx methods fill the internal.

write an applet to draw a simple and beautiful landscape

Nonetheless, custom graphics is crucial in game programming. The font family name is the name of the font family that determines the typographic design across several faces, like "Arial".

This means that subclasses of Swing components which have a UI delegate such as JPanelshould invoke super. System-triggered vs. Under both cases, the Windowing subsystem will call-back the paintComponent to render the contents of the component with a proper Graphics object as argument.

Bitmap images: via the drawImage method. RED ; To set the color of the Graphics context g for drawing lines, shapes, and textsuse g. Java Programming Tutorial Custom Graphics This chapter shows you how you can paint your own custom drawing such as graphs, charts, drawings and, in particular, computer game avatars because you cannot find standard GUI components that meets your requirements.

Font Name A font could have many faces or stylee.

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Draw a Polygon in Java Applet