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Everyone was so helpful, including the owner. There's no way I would have been able to get those gowns on by myself. They do have to help you in and out of each dress but person helping me was awesome, and was totally ok with me trying on a dress more than once.

There are so many dresses on the racks which is great, but you can barely even slide them to see the next dress.

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All you have to do is tell your Google non-users to follow the below steps. Thank you! You're in the consignment business - computers are smart but you can't tell me anything. There are so many dresses on the racks which is great, but you can barely even slide them to see the next dress. The employee of this establishment behaved in a questionable manner by trying to force her way into my dressing room My husband and I visited this shop on May 17, at approx in the afternoon. I left not buying just yet. I felt that she was very honest and genuine and wasn't afraid to tell me if she didn't know the answer to a question rather than make something up.

Tweet this As reputation is clearly a significant factor in the decision to purchase, business owners and consumers alike are paying more and more attention to average star ratings and review content. She then began to tell me that it is store policy for her to come in and put the dress on me.

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Download Google Maps 2. After you give a star rating, you will be prompted to write more about your experience and share an image if you want. There is also a review solicitation company creating thousands of A Google User reviews. Seriously check this place out you can save a lot in your wedding costs and be so happy with the dress you find. We're listening. I'd go early or not on weekends if possible, but I went on a Saturday morning and it did not feel too crowded. Well I find a dress that I want to take a pic to send to my business partner to see if we should get it and and older lady who works in the store comes and snatches the dress from me and says I can't have u taking pics. I can't believe the deals we found here. Overall I had an awesome experience at this store and was happy to say yes to the dress! Well I am giving this place not such a good review for being so rude.

Sign up for our daily recaps of the ever-changing search marketing landscape. I wanted something simple with lace but they had so many big and beautiful dresses too.

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She selected 3 beautiful dresses based on my likes and the 3rd one my sister said gave her chills that it was the one. I had one wedding dress and one pair of shoes. I strongly recommend to go during the weekday or early Saturday before it gets too busy. They don't allow photos to be taken in the store since they consign the dresses from a couple local bridal boutiques or something but at prices this low when most of their dresses were also NEW, I wasn't complaining over this policy at all. Although we both thought this was odd he went to the front door after I assured him I would be quick and just try on the one dress. I live in Austin, and after going to a handful of places where people were cold, impersonal, and slightly rude, I decided to come to Dallas and look at places with my MOH. There would probably be serious consequences if Google discovered attempts to manipulate the system. Step 2. They also wouldn't let us try on some of the dresses because it wasn't in our quoted price range, even though we made it clear we were looking at styles, and looking to fall in love. I went by myself on a whim, but I'd definitely try and go with a friend or two since they do not let you take pictures of the dresses in the store. I came with some friends to look for a wedding dress and we saw this place on Yelp.
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