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In this classic poem, Tennyson spends the first four verses lamenting the year's passing as if it were an old and dear friend on his death bed. Happy New Year, folks! Experiences The past year leaves you with experiences to learn Mistakes you made and you felt burned But as the New Year approaches move forward and find That you will reach success if you keep positive thoughts in your mind.

Always be firm and never get fear, Cause God gives us a brand New Year!

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Some took an optimistic view while, for others, it seems to have only led to despair. The melody for this New Years song is the in the public domain, and in my hymn book, there is no copyright notice on the harmony parts and accompaniment, although it is always your responsibility to check that out.

Cheer up a bit, my dear friend And please be happy!

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Now the New Year is coming Bringing new dreams and new ways. To new beginnings Wishing you the happiest life, my dear! Thank you and Happy New Year! Cook thoroughly over radiant joy, garnish with a smile, and serve with quietness, unselfishness, and cheerfulness. Let us encourage more and criticize less, Give more and need less. Nor give her any more of my cheek. Season the whole with a dash of good spirits, a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of play, and a cupful of good humor. My wish for your new year is beauty and softness with surprises thrown in for delight. May it bring more joy and success And less grief and regret. Little keys may open big locks, Simple words may cure the heart blocks, Keep smiling, cause it rocks. We hug the world until it stings, We curse it then and sigh for wings.

Auld Lang Syne is both a song and a poemafter all, songs are poetry set to music, right? And yet, the tune we know today isn't quite the same thing that Robert Burns had in mind when he wrote it over two centuries ago.

The melody has changed and a few of the words have been updated and others have not to meet modern tongues.

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