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Two important questions underlie our choice of works in Arts and Culture: 1 What makes a work a masterpiece of its type? Form refers to the arrangement, pattern, or structure of a work, how a work is presented to our senses. This is our music: Free jazz, the sixties, and American culture. There is no single, unquestionable body of aesthetic knowledge, although philosophers have tried to create universal systems.

Two are walking away; one stands transfixed with his hands over his ears.

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Home librarians often like to keep track of when and where they acquired a book, the price, and a personal annotation, which would include their opinions of the book or of the person who gave it to them" Patricia Jean Wagner, The Bloomsbury Review Booklover's Guide.

Their comments and suggestions helped us in many ways. Thus, the biblical David slaying the giant, Goliath, became a symbol of Florentine cleverness and courage in defense of independence.

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In two-point perspective there are two vanishing points. Theorists have arranged colors on a color wheel fig. There is usually a sharp division between the artist and her or his audience of non-artists. An annotated bibliography includes a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph the annotation for each item in the list. A discussion summary should include the topic of discussion, what you learned, and who participated in your group. In place of our emphasis on the development of a personal or original style, artists were trained to conform to the conventions of their art form. Texture: The appearance or feel of a surface, basically smooth or rough. In both styles, the first line of the entry is flush with the left margin, and the second and subsequent lines are indented. The term artist is used for the producer of artworks in any discipline.

Final Examination: The final exam will be in an essay format. Representation is an ancient function of visual art, in which a likeness of an object or life form is produced.

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The iconography of a work of art is often religious in nature. Each of these considerations expands our understanding of a given work, even when we cannot know all the answers. Viewed formally, the major visual elements used by Munch in this painting are line and color. Students will email the Midterm Exam will to me no later than Friday at pm. The form of a work of art is its structural or organizing principle— the shape of its content. What kind of artwork is it? Content is what a work is about, its meaning or substance. Three people are on a bridge at sunset. Voeltz, Cameron University; Scott H. Style We use the term style to mean several different things. Those lists, or bibliographies, often include sources that you will also want to consult. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. There is usually a sharp division between the artist and her or his audience of non-artists.
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