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Inwe stopped publishing our popular Writing Across the Curriculum Guide to make room for the new guides we were publishing. Persuasive Writing Across the Curriculum A brand new resource collection that focus on the power of a students' voice in writing assignments that challenges our students to persuade in all curriculum areas.

Teachers can help students overcome these negative feelings associated with writing by deconstructing written tasks into manageable steps and prompting students to write regularly.

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We've secured a grant to purchase 50 copies of Barry Lane and Gretchen Bernabei's Why We Must Run with Scissors, and teachers who enroll in course will receive a copy as well as propose an idea for a persuasive writing lesson to be used in any content but language arts. Short writing is going to be as important as long writing with the Common Core Standards. However, when these two are not readily available, there are still viable and effective strategies for addressing writing skills that do not require extended class time or extensive training. Journals are an informal place for students to summarize their thoughts and think about class content, no matter what the subject. Have the kids create a website or a pamphlet for some real world writing experience. Why Write Across the Curriculum? Click here to check-out iPods Across the Curriculum Homepage and see the lessons that have been posted by Nevada teachers.

Finally, I reveal the scores that I assigned for each sample, and the teams whose scores consecutively match mine in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line get a bingo and thus a small treat.

The demonstration can be completed within 10 minutes of class time.

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Journaling can also be a better alternative to the traditional practice of calling on those students who volunteer to answer questions during class. It helps children remember and understand material much more than passive forms of learning like reading and listening. Click here. The goal is for all children to become self-directed learners that are adept at researching and writing about! Have the kids create a website or a pamphlet for some real world writing experience. Look for new WAC lessons and ideas to be posted throughout the school year. The ScienceFix Homepage The best writing lessons often inspire student writers with a published "mentor text," which is used to excite students about an idea, or to show students what quality writing looks like.

Group Feedback. Teaching students to summarize ideas into their own words is. If you'd like to purchase one of the very last copies of this print guide, visit our NNWP's Publications Page for details.

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I left each session with strategies I was eager to try the very next morning with my students. Writing across the curriculum is a wonderful way to get kids writing and learning in bigger, better, deeper ways. This is the proposal form that will be used on the last night of class: WritingFix's Summarizing Across the Curriculum Homepage Plagiarism is bad--obviously--but a lot of our students don't know how to write it "in their own words.

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