Writing an arbitration award amounts

writing an arbitration award amounts

Tabulate the issues The tribunal will have to review the parties' arguments spread across a number of documents. The arbitral tribunal shall submit its decision on the application in draft form to the Court not later than 30 days following the expiration of the time limit for the receipt of any comments from the other party or within such other period as the Court may decide.

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If so, this will delay rendering and publication of the final arbitration award given that the publication deadline will run from the date that the hearing is officially closed. Thus, by agreeing to have the arbitrator render a reasoned award or an award that contains specific findings of fact and conclusions of law, you may be setting the stage for a later court challenge of the award.

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If approached right, arbitration can be a much better way than litigation to resolve complex construction claims and disputes quickly and efficiently.

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How to help write an arbitral award