Writing an opinion essay in learning strategies

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When we are writing, what do we mean by audience? Your students can start with any style introduction that seems most effective, but the body of the essay should be rather straightforward. Still, they must be a topic on which someone can take an opposing viewpoint. What did the writer do well? Family message journals: Teaching writing through family involvement. Offer various suggestions for how students can share their argument: e. Allow students ample time to complete this portion of the story map. This was first on the chart and first on my list. Step 4 Work together to construct an essay. This exercise is a good follow-up to introductory work outlining the criteria of opinion writing as described above. The following is a sample essay that shows students one way to organize and effectively write. To sum it up, technologies are a big part of our life, but there is still hope that people haven't become too addict. For each main reason, have students come up with logical reasons, details, examples, or facts to support this reason.

Something to think about! Students should also always be encouraged to choose evidence that is broadly suited to the subject they are writing about.

Writing an opinion essay in learning strategies

Then have students select two topics they feel strongest about. Teach your students to write excellent essays and creative writing pieces using proven research skills, writing strategies and engaging content. The opinion piece should open with a bold statement of opinion that is clearly expressed, and that opinion should be held unwaveringly and reinforced constantly throughout the text. If you are teaching a simple argument essay, the list of pros should be longer than the list of cons. Students can work together to generate at least three good reasons to support an argument. Since we all go to recess and have that background knowledge, it was the best topic to do as a whole class the first time through. As a group, they will discuss the relative merits of each reason, before agreeing on their top five. Identify the Audience: Speak Clearly Writing is about language and language is about communication; students should understand that we do not write in a vacuum. They were able to see how they could manipulate the sentence frames.

Offer various suggestions for how students can share their argument: e. Students should vary their sentence structures grammatically and in length.

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This means that it is essential that consideration be given to the character of the intended audience. But organizing them into a quality piece of writing is learned craft. During the whole group practice, I had students sit knee to knee, meaning they were sitting criss-cross and their knees were touching. See "Writing an article" in "Learning strategies" page Work in groups. After sorting, students chose one opinion and reason pair. Make final changes if necessary. Today was the day that most students actually got it. Does anyone have ideas that might make the papers better? Wednesday: Practice Goal: Practice using sentence frames to state an opinion We were three days into our unit on opinion writing. Choose Appropriate Evidence: Back It Up There is no doubt that subjectivity is an important aspect of opinion writing in general. You can record their responses on the whiteboard. Monday: State an Opinion Goal: Introduce opinion writing and the concept of stating an opinion and supplying reasons This was our first day working with opinion writing formally this year.

Is it clear what each author thinks or wants? Some topics are better suited to this type of essay, topics that can be logically argued with facts, examples, expert opinions or logical reasoning.

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You may even wish to supply students with a checklist compiled from the criteria mentioned previously in this article. Point out the components of each: clearly stating an opinion, and an overview of the logical reasoning and facts that support the opinion.

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How to Write an Opinion Based Essay